About us

We are situated on Tellsikivi street in an old railway depot house from the 1800s, that lies on the border of Pelgulinna and Kalamaja. We had to do a lot of repair works (see the photos), but overall we maintained the simple and rustic look characteristic to the building.

Our menu is also inspired from this environment-it is simple, unpretentious and everything but snobbish. Our ingredients are fresh and seasonal and mainly local. There is a Baltijaama Market close to us, so in spring there is always wild garlic and radishes in the menu, in summer beef tomatoes and fresh basil, if it is a wet autumn, then ceps and in winter pumpkins. We have a steady menu, but we also like to experiment with food, so we often offer something that has spontaneously been created from the ingredients acquired from a trip to the market or to the garden in the country.

And of-course there is no food without drink. We have a great non-alcoholic cocktails’ menu and for the ones who prefer something stronger we offer classical mixes like Mojito, Dry Martini, Tom Collins and our own Kukeke/Cockerel cocktails. Try our Cockstail!

To sum it up, we like to eat and drink well, listen to good music, perhaps even to sing along when we’re in a good mood, make some cocktails and enjoy the colourful environment!

Anni Arro
Owner and chef